nice to meet you

Hello. You seemed to have found this blog somehow. Maybe you followed me from one of my other accounts or maybe you just stumbled upon me by accident somehow. Either way, it’s nice to see you here.

I go by dm21, or dmich21 if there’s a character minimum. I’m a bisexual woman in her twenties and I keep this blog mostly for fun. I like anime so that’s what most of the focus on here is about.

When watching anime I tend to lean more towards ones starring female protagonists though I’ll sometimes wander outside those boundaries. I don’t tend to get picky regarding genre but I admit to leaning more towards the “cute girls doing cute things” variety quite often. I’m also a big fan of yuri whenever it comes around.

You can follow me on twitter where I mostly babble on about the idol anime PriPara if you feel you can stand a barrage of that. I also have a tumblr, too.