Idol Time PriPara 14: The Devil Went Down to Paparajuku.

Season 2 of PriPara introduced Aroma and Mikan, the devil and angel idol team who promptly went to work in disrupting the status quo. Now as the second cour of Idol Time begins they’ve returned to perform their usual mischief upon a new group of unsuspecting classmates.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 014 [B358C226].mkv_snapshot_02.18_[2017.07.13_13.52.13].png

I’m going to make a perhaps shocking confession here. When season 2 of PriPara first started up, I was not a big fan of Aroma and Mikan. Yeah, yeah, pick your jaw up off the floor. It’s not their fault. Really, I dislike anyone who dares to disrupt my super happy friendships fun time and when the season started the two of them were planted firmly in Antagonist Town.

All that seems rather silly to me now. Aromageddon won me over through what else but the power of friendship and now Gaarmageddon is without a doubt one of my top idol groups in PriPara. In general, my feelings on season 2 are a little more appreciative than they were before.

But I can write about season 2 in about two years when it finally finishes being subbed. What I’m getting at here is that Gaarmageddon are back and they’re here to make Idol Time much more fun to watch.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 014 [B358C226].mkv_snapshot_05.15_[2017.07.13_14.00.43].png

It’s not necessarily that Idol Time in the past has been a complete bore but after two years or so with a mountain of characters, IT’s decreased cast leaves a little to be desired. Nino and Yui have tried their best to add some spark but once episode 13 and this one aired one thing was clear: PriPara isn’t PriPara without a little bit of crazy.

And oh do Aroma and Mikan bring the crazy to Avocado Academy. Already they’re disrupting the quiet of the dormitories and the classrooms with equal parts joy and mayhem.

It’s when Aroma meets Michiru that things really hit their high. Much like Nino and Dressing Pafe were paired together for merchandise so were Michiru and Gaarmageddon so we knew this was going to come. With what we’ve gotten of Michiru so far it’s clear these are a match for each other. Michiru brings to mind what we’ve seen of flashbacks of Aroma and Mikan’s past before they developed their chuunibyou personalities.

Aroma manages to convince Michiru that she has a ghost on her shoulder and the only way to alleviate it is to become one of Aroma’s minions. Only Michiru’s diminutive nature doesn’t let Aroma in on the fact that Michiru is actually her senpai. Oops. That’s not enough to stop a centuries old demon from trying to get her way. We know enough to know that Aroma’s devilness is a very committed act but Michiru appears to have been swayed.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 014 [B358C226].mkv_snapshot_13.59_[2017.07.13_14.36.27].png

In Paparjuku PriPara, Neko and Garuru are scouting for a place to live and some more clues to the Falala mystery are unlocked. The clock tower that wouldn’t open for Yui and Laala a few episodes ago opens without any trouble for Garuru. A little bit of vocaldoll to vocaldoll understanding perhaps. Once inside, the two of them meet the egg that is to become Pitsuji and Garuru decides to take care of it and become the egg’s Mama.

With all the return of Gaarmageddon it’s beginning a to feel a lot like OG!PriPara and that’s finally starting to feel like a good thing.

Music Corner


The opening song is the same but the visuals have been updated accordingly to add Gaarmageddon, Dressing Pafe, Mirei, and Sophie.


Everything here is a repeat from the song to the outfits to the making drama but that doesn’t really matter. Amazing Castle is a great song and it’s a pleasure to have it played again even if it was quite soon after the last time.

Not everything about it is all the same. The song is exploding with sound effects that give it an extra Halloween-y feel to the whole thing.


Oh man the screams I had when the ending started playing. Yes, it’s still Idol:Time!! which itself is a pretty good song but as if hearing my prayers we’ve been gifted WITH A SOLAMI DRESSING VERSION!!!!

Ahhhhh, if I didn’t already love this song this would have been the tipping point.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 014 [B358C226].mkv_snapshot_12.27_[2017.07.13_14.32.37].png

Bits and Pieces

  • Nino’s a little sore about losing to Yui in a competition she didn’t even know was happening and has dedicated herself to training. After Dorothy and Reona’s help in the softball game, she seems to have latched herself to the currently standing Dressing Pafe members.
  • Mimiko thinks she’s found a kindred spirit in Aroma the devil but is once again disappointed to find yet another idol in her midst.

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