Idol Time PriPara 13: An Explosion of Idols

Ah, episode 13. It’s the final episode of the first cour of Idol Time PriPara. Most shows would use this as a kind of cool off period before revving up the next arc. Most shows aren’t PriPara though so instead we get a train barreling down a track that’s about to do down a cliff.

It’s also one of the best Idol Time episodes yet.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 013 [C7249DDD].mkv_snapshot_03.05_[2017.07.12_13.19.25].png

Yui and Laala are heading back to where it all began. For Yui it’s a chance to finally meet the idols of the PriPara she’s always admired. For Laala and longtime PriPara viewers it’s a homecoming, a chance to reacquaint ourselves with some of our favorite characters of the past three seasons. It’s an advantage Idol Time has over, say, Aikatsu Stars! in that it can bring back the older generation without throwing a few wrenches in the universe.

I’ve complained to myself a few times about Idol Time not carving its own identity to better establish itself from it’s predecessor but after watching this episode I’m starting to think that’s not actually necessary. In fact, bringing in OG!PriPara characters actually works in its favor. There’s mountains of history in the PriPara franchise so why not put some of it too good use?

Of course with the sheer number of characters OG!PriPara had not every returning idol can get the spotlight treatment in this episode. It doesn’t stop this episode from trying to squeeze every performance it possibly can in here. It would be easy to call this episode hectic and overstuffed but when such qualities have been baked into PriPara’s DNA for so long it feels more like an episode of sheer brilliance.

Just when one comes to terms with the fact that this episode will be a glorified clip show and the threat of explosion will pass Parajuku PriPara by the train ride we’ve been on takes a huge detour into Plotville. This isn’t a filler episode, it’s buildup.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 013 [C7249DDD].mkv_snapshot_20.53_[2017.07.12_14.53.37].png

Yeah, Idol Time literally blows up OG!PriPara. Thankfully things will be fine in the long run as this becomes the perfect opportunity for Parajuku to update to the idol time system. We won’t get to see that, however.

What we’re going to see is so much better. Aroma and Mikan are transferring to Avocado Academy! The chuunibyou duo have arrived to spread their mayhem around Paparajuku.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 013 [C7249DDD].mkv_snapshot_22.08_[2017.07.12_14.57.35].png

You said it best Aroma.

Music Corner

Eleven songs are in this episode. Some get a full performance, some get a making drama, some get a cyalume change, and some only get a line in. It’s fun getting to see some old songs in here no matter how short a few of them may be. However, perhaps the best one is Pure Amore Love. Due to the aforementioned explosion, Hibiki doesn’t get to actually perform her song. Instead, it’s played as the credits to the movie Mechanee had been recording for the idol reunion. Here we’re treated to the cast list of all the characters who appeared in this episode, even those who simply had a cameo appearance, and  get the last names to a couple characters that hadn’t been revealed before.

Bits and Pieces

  • I’m late on this because I got sick the past weekend and I finally woke myself up at a decent-ish time. Episode 14 will be tomorrow and then 15 on Friday.
  • We continue to be denied a Dressing Pafe reunion. Fine. I can deal with that. It will just make it all the more sweeter when it finally happens.
  • The cherry on the top of this episode is that it pretends to be an “all just a dream scenario” but NOPE it all pulls away to reveal that yeah this all did really happen.

Well, that’s it for the first cour of Idol Time. It was a shaky start but the dust has settled and things have finally started to hit their stride. See you next time.



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