Idol Time PriPara 10, 11 and 12 + A Happy Birthday to PriPara

Well, with all the PriPara watching I’ve been doing this past week, I feel like I’m the one who played a baseball game and then performed in a GrandPrix. Ah, it’s been fun but know I’m gonna make sure to never miss an Idol Time episode again.

Thanks to an assist from a roaming Shion, Nino finally opens up to the idea of being an idol. Nino’s been paired with Dressing Pafe in Idol Time merchandise and its clear to see why. Both Shion and Nino have a strong competitive fire in the two of them and sparks fly during their first encounter. So, of course, when Nino hears Shion declare herself to be an idol she’s taken back a little. After a paintball match pits Yui, Laala, and Nino against Mimiko’s disciplinary committee, things finally seem to click for Nino and she agrees to enter PriPara.

Yui and Laala are glad to finally have another idol to compete in the GrandPrix except there is one problem: Nino’s already agreed to partake in a softball match on the same day.

The opposing team for the softball match end up having to miss the game and so Nino ends up having to battle against Mimiko once more. At first, the game seems to be going well and Nino should be able to finish the game and compete in the GrandPrix but Mimiko’s rather unorthodox pitching technique causes some trouble.

It’s clear from these episodes that Nino isn’t very used to losing. She may be the cock of the walk here in Paparajuku but once someone else begins to match her, she starts to falter at the challenge. Shion shows up once more and manages to help the softball team in figuring out a way to beat Mimiko’s pitch but some damage has already been done and Nino’s confidence is shaken.

A miracle catch from Yui turns things around but another obstacle arises when she injures her leg.

Oh, and this is where the show starts to lose me just a bit. Yui is determined to get to the GrandPrix, perform, and show Nino that not all is lost. With a bit of “Dream Power” she manages to will the pain away and get through her performance. It’s good that Yui wasn’t seriously injured when performing but I’d feel a little better about this if there’d had been at least some blowback to not getting the injury checked beforehand. Instead she mostly gets rewarded by winning the GrandPrix, changing Barbaria’s mind about PriPara, and bringing Nino’s confidence back up.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not rooting for a character to get a serious injury but I know a little too much about Japan’s real life idol industry to let this slide by without comment. It just would have been nice if they had managed to somehow slip in a message to the kids watching this show that ignoring your injuries is not something you should do.

It’s a misstep from a show I’ve been enjoying so far so I just hope nothing like this arises again.

So, Yui not only wins the GrandPrix but she’s also gifted both a Yume Rare and a special coord piece from a mysterious girl named Falala. It’s clear this is an unexpected twist as not even Meganii is privy to this sudden Super Idol Time. It seems Paparajuku’s PriPara has its own special person watching over things from up high and declaring idols worthy.

And so, the first part of the Idol GrandPrix is over and so is most of the nitty gritty for this cour. Next episode is a bit of a cooldown episode with a return to Parajuku. It’s gonna be quite an explosive event.

And one more thing

It’s less than an hour until the end of the day, but I couldn’t let any more time pass without marking the occasion of the 3rd anniversay of PriPara which first aired on July 5th.

I’ve been watching PriPara since the first subbed episode pushed out by naisho fansubs and it’s hard to believe that I’ve only had this crazy show in my life for the past three years. It flew pretty quickly up the list of shows that have had a major effect on me and it’s hard to imagine my life without it.

It’s also crazy to think that without this show I would never have fallen in love with i☆Ris, the group that sang the majority of PriPara opening songs. They’re now one of my top music go-tos and some of my favorite songs of theirs aren’t even PriPara related.

Yeah, my life certainly would be different without PriPara. It’s something that came around at a time when I desperately needed it.

There’s a lot more I could say but not much time I could say it in if I want to get this post done so I’ll just leave off with this: Thank you PriPara from the bottom of my heart for everything.


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