Idol Time PriPara 5&6: Mascot and Boy Shenanigans

In an effort to get this blog back up to speed with Idol Time, I’ll be tackling two episodes per post a day until I can resume a weekly schedule. These double episode posts will be less thorough than the posts for episodes 1 and 2 but hopefully of no less quality.

Here we go with two more Idol time episodes!

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 005 [1A9FFC00].mkv_snapshot_02.28_[2017.07.01_14.40.25].png

After three seasons of playing the deep-voiced Shion Todo, Saki Yamakita gets a chance to show off her vocal range in Idol Time. That’s right, the voice of newly hatched mascot manager Punicorn is our very own Saki-sama! However, much like the anime version of Pokemon, Punicorn seems unable to say anything other than a variation of her own name! Sure it may seem like an easy job but with a character like this conveying the right emotion for each Puni or Punicorn can be a bit tough. This episode is the most Punicorn has spoken so far and I think Saki is more than up for the challenge here.

Oh, but enough gushing about my i☆Ris bias.

Kuma has returned! You think being the manager of a divine idol team would have given Kuma a major bump in the PriPara managing world but instead it seems to have gone to his head. Then again, who couldn’t of foreseen that happening? As punishment Kuma is now a deliveryman for the Shoebill Delivery Service, a position that brings him to a reunion with Laala. It’s the perfect timing as Punicorn could use some help learning the ropes of this whole managing business.

Kuma’s not too happy about the level of detail Punicorn’s character design has compared to himself but Kuma has long yearned for a little sister to call his own and so he takes Punicorn under his wing. This leads to an entertaining series of situations where Kuma walks Punicorn through scouting, hand shake training, and stage booking only for Kuma to be on the end of a whole lotta slapstick. It all works out though as Kuma’s training helps to fill up Yui and Laala’s Idol Time gauge.

This was a light and fun episode and might have even helped me have an easier transition into the next one.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 006 [1AD00B7D].mkv_snapshot_03.00_[2017.07.01_15.36.24].png

The decision to add boy idols to PriPara has led to some interesting reactions within the fanbase. Some have been pretty perceptive to the idea since OG!PriPara while others are in the middle of polishing their pitchforks. I’ve drawn a pretty hard line against the idea but this trip to DanPri might have just worn my resistance down a notch.

I mean I’m still by no means all the way into the concept. The musical performance mostly had me in laughter. I just can not take this seriously. PriPara has always had some damn good CGI animation but its eschewed for WITH’s performance which is animated in 2D. I’m not sure who was in charge of the animation but 2D dancing is not this show’s strong suit. There’s also something really strange about seeing a huge group of what appears to be mostly grown men screaming over a trio of teenage boys.

How can I be upset when everything seems so ridiculous?

We’ve mostly dealt with Yui’s brother and he’s kind of a big jerk. However, we get to meet the other two members and so far they don’t seem too bad. Redheaded fangboy thinks girl idols are “totally rad” and purple-haired soft-voice even encourages Shougo to support his sister in her idol journey. Shougo, of course, being the big jerk he is will have none of that.

It’s not like this sibling rivalry is one-sided though. Yui only wants to enter DanPri in order to unveil Shougo’s younger days as an uncool embarrassment. She doesn’t succeed but that doesn’t stop her from delivering them to Shougo as a “present.”

I was dreading this one going in but I came out a little more receptive. It helps that this episode had more going for it than just a DanPri visit to hold my interest. Jigoku Mimiko is slowly winning me over with some good comedic parts involving her and the return of Meganii and the debuyt of the adorable Megaboys were an unexpected delight.

Well, that will be it for these episodes. Next, Sophie returns and Yui and Laala perform their first duet together. See you next time!


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