Idol Time PriPara Episodes 3&4: Callbacks and a Mirei return set my heart aflutter.

In an effort to get this blog back up to speed with Idol Time, I’ll be tackling two episodes per post a day until I can resume a weekly schedule. These double episode posts will be less thorough than the posts for episodes 1 and 2 but hopefully of no less quality.

I didn’t mean to but watching Idol Time kind of slipped my mind. One missed episode turned into two which turned into three and so on until soon the entire first cour had passed! Granted I did start back up when Shion returned but the episodes between two and then I completely skipped. And so, it’s time to rectify that fact.

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 003 [43C4480F].mkv_snapshot_02.40_[2017.06.30_17.23.57].png

First, Yui tackles the creation of her first Making Drama. Though she’s apparently been dreaming about PriPara since age three and has many sketchbooks to attest to this fact she’s having a little bit of trouble due to her penchant for elaborate fantasies.

Creating your own drama has been an essential way for idols in PriPara to get their feelings across to their audience. In fact this episode, for me, specifically calls to mind the OG!PriPara episode where Laala herself needs to come up with a Making Drama for herself and Mirei – oh, look at that! It’s even episode three! And much like in that case inspiration comes in the form of the small things in life.

I’ve mentioned before and will probably continue mentioning this but seeing our Laala Manaka in a mentor role is true blessing for me. Where in episode 3 of OG!PriPara had Laala getting instructed by Mirei here in Idol Time she’s the one walking Yui through the trials of becoming a top idol. This role reversal is the kind of stuff I can’t get enough of.

Yui successfully unlocks her Making Drama achievement and it’s exactly the kind of Dreamy Cuteness you’d expect. More importantly, the group of girls that Laala drags into PriPara with her seem more than receptive to it. Slowly Yui’s beginning to draw more and more of her fellow students into the world of PriPara.

The timing couldn’t be any better as it’s right after that performance that a Meganee announces if they don’t get enough idols to join for the Idol Time Grand Prix Laala will get fired from her Kami Idol status!

Ah man, PriPara is such a trip. There are goddesses who can award divinity to idols but divinity doesn’t mean a thing to the system, desu!

[SMC-Subs] Idol Time PriPara - 004 [213CB53D].mkv_snapshot_03.37_[2017.06.30_17.23.37].png

Next, after a few cameo drop-ins, Mirei finally makes her first full-fledged return to the PriPara franchise. It’s only one episode but oh does she make the best of every scene she’s in.

A misunderstanding leaves Mirei to believe that Paparajuku is just brimming with idols. Rather than an immediate fess-up, Yui and Laala attempt some hologrammation subterfuge. Laala doesn’t want her two teammates to know just how bad she seems to be flailing at this whole spreading the spirit of PriPara thing. It’s understandable to not want to worry others with your problems but friendship means relying on, well, your friends. You think this is something Laala would have learned in season 3 when she was keeping Jululu a secret but perhaps it still hasn’t quite sunk in.

Nevertheless, Mirei is here to make sure it does this time. Seeing through everything quickly (come on girls Mirei’s smarter than this which is something you should definitely know, Laala), Mirei gives Laala an infringement ticket – not for the rules of PriPara or school, but for friendship. What is the point of friends if you can’t unload a few of your problems on them.

And so the truth comes out. The girls of Avocado Academy just don’t seem to get PriPara. This is where the episode flips from good to straight up freaking amazing. The dualism of Mirei’s dualism is one of my favorite things about her characters. Mirei the idol and Mirei the steadfast student may speak and act in starkly different manners but at their core they are one and the same.

Mirei goes head to head with Avocado’s Head Disciplinarian Mimiko and it is glorious. You see, Mirei isn’t just Paprika’s Head Disciplinarian she is also the three year champion of the Exemplary Head Disciplinarian Contest and a member of the hall of fame. Mimiko, you have met your match and her name is Minami Mirei. Having beaten Mimiko at her own game, Mirei leads more Avocado girls into Paparajuku PriPara.

Mimiko may have been awed by Mirei the Head Disciplinarian but Mirei the Idol is a different story. It will be interesting to see where they go with Mimiko. She seems to have an intense dislike for PriPara and its idols but we’ve seen with both Principal Gloria and Hibiki that dislike for something can often hide deeper seated emotions.

In our next two episodes another OG!PriPara character makes their return and we take a trip to see just what the fuss is about this DanPri stuff. See you next time!


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